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Seth Godin Asked Me For a Progress Report  

A while back, I responded to a post by Seth Godin where he asks some questions.  As several readers of this blog know, Seth is a big influence on my work.  

Mission Impossible Statements Part II

This is my personal mission statement, have you put any thought into yours?

Mission Impossible Statements Part I

I’m wondering if I need a mission statement for the blog.  Why would someone want a mission statement for the blog?  Well it gives focus.. Does a single person need focus?  Sometimes yes, and sometimes […]

She who must not be named

I was in college when I first saw her. She was breathtakingly beautiful…

Updates and Cracker Barrel Dreams

  Book update:  I’ve about two thirds through in writing the chapter on benefits.  It’s really fascinating, the history of paid medical and the environment surrounding paid time off.

Happy Birthday To Me

And now for something completely different…

Now I need to think about sound effects.

A book with sound effects? Now that’s an interesting concept, and something I may need to look into a bit more.

2015 in review

A start to the blog.. I wonder what the numbers will be next year?

Being more Visual with my Voice

  If you have been reading this blog for a while you’ll notice that i’m starting to use more photos at the top of my posts.   I’m starting simply, not photo editing or creating […]