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How Do You Deal With Unreasonable or Irrational People?

In life we will engage people who can be irrationally belligerent. There are different ways to handle them, so the question becomes, which way is best?

Top 5 of 2022

Here it is, 5 of the most interesting, thought provoking, and inspirational stories of 2022!

BLM vs ALM? It’s really NLM!

Bionics, Pandemics, and the No Lives MatterĀ Movement

A Love Letter To Wires

Their should be a Valentines type day, but just for cables!


No matter how bad the other guy is, your guy has something to balance it off.

A Peluso looks at 50

I’m 50, Happy Birthday to Me! Also, here are 10 things I’ve learned in life over the last 50 years.

Cruise Ships and COVID Consequences

The cruise ships that should have become condos are now all being pulled apart for scrap metal.

Why did eBay make such @__hole move? (and other stories of anti-consumer behavior)

eBay is following Blockbuster in embracing acceptable customer dissatisfaction the name of shareholder returns.

Finding the Win-Win with the BIG issues

If you really get down to it, there is a way to make sure that everyone wins, even with highly debated topics!