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Episode 211 – Can You Make A Difference?

Some people are in it for the money.  Some are in it to “Make A Difference.”  For the latter, the question is, can you do it?  Can any one person really make a difference in […]

Episode 210 – Top 5 of 2022

It’s that time of year where we highlight the most interesting or engaging Posts of the year.  We have 5 great posts for you today* *To save on bandwidth, this show is encoded at 128kbps.   […]

Episode 209 – Why Don’t We Have Transparency Everywhere It’s Needed?

Transparency should be everywhere, yet, there are still areas today where you don’t get the information you need to know where you stand.  Why is that? What can be done about that?  Another new episode […]

Episode 208 – Having A Spouse Even When You Aren’t Married

Some people feel like you don’t need to be married to have a productive, safe, and fulfilling life.  Many feel that way because they are married and just don’t know it. Another new episode of the […]

Episode 207 – Corporate Culture and the Pandemic

To get people back to work, they need to be happy with their work.  Their are five things employers should always be doing to keep employees happy and they REALLY need to be doing it […]

Episode 206 – Risk Shift – Where Reality TV and Corporate Amex Cards Meet

Another show inspired by Discovery Plus, this time it’s about their business practices.  Hear how the Big company stomps on little production houses.  Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

Episode 205 – (X) Life

Have you ever watched TV and thought: I could do that, and, you know what, I want to do that! That’s how I felt about the (X) Life shows on Discovery Plus, well until I […]

Episode 204 – Systems, Cycleles & MOU’s

Our organizations have complex systems, and when something isn’t quite right in those systems can break down. THEN it’s a never ending repair cycle.  Could an MOU help? Maybe, for a short time. Another new episode […]

Episode 203 – The Insanity of Medicare

It was the experience of Shock and Awe when I was first exposed to all the details surrounding receiving Medicare at retirement.  Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

Episode 202 – The Pet Relationship Lifecycle

Pets, or getting pets, is a big part of new relationships.  It’s such a big point, we have to ask ourselves, is it unavoidable? Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!