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Episode 180 – Why did eBay make such @__hole move? (and other stories of anti-consumer behavior)

eBay, Blockbuster, Dish Network, and even today’s Trucking companies are all carrying on the tradition of putting profits before customers, and not surprisingly, customers are leaving.   It doesn’t have to be like this.   Another new […]

Episode 179 – Finding the Win-Win with the BIG issues

In a world of US vs. THEM mentality, is their a way to get around it? Can we really find a WIN-WIN on the biggest of issues?  I think their is.  It won’t come cheap, […]

Episode 178 – Master, Gypsy, or Aimless: The Familiarity Problem

Some think of it as déjà vu, some just say “Been there, done that”.  Today’s show explores the options for when you get that sense that what you are doing is not interesting because you’ve […]

Episode 177 – The Value of the BS Credential

Inspired by a surprising moment, today’s show is all about the value offered by that advanced degree, both from a traditional institution and by a for-profit diploma mill. It asks the question: Is that 100K […]

Episode 176 – The Good Old Days – Looking Back

Inspired by a song I started to think about the good old days.  Specifically, I wondered what makes ‘the good old days’ good?  Why do we pine for them and what could you do to […]

Episode 175 – Calculating Risk vs. Investment With Your Life Choices

Sometimes there is risk in where we want to go invest our time and money.  The risk is in what we will get as a return on that time and money investment.  Sometimes, we call […]

Episode 174 – The Great Reset Switch

Sometimes you’ll put in months and years, and work your way up.  Then something happens, a private equity buyout, a market change, or just a new manager. Then the unexpected separation from the company means […]

Episode 173 – The Case for Logic: Spock Was Right – Mostly

We are emotional beings and emotional beings make emotional decisions.  More often than not these emotional decisions can lead to a bad end.  Logic works, but too few people use it.  Listen and hear how […]

EPISODE 172 – Long Term or Short Term Commitments: Which is Better?

In part one we looked at the career related aspects of having a short term outlook vs a long term outlook in planning and decision making.  This show is part two where we look at […]

EPISODE 171: Long Term or Short Term Commitments: Which is Better?

In life we can have a short term outlook, or work towards the short term goal.  Sometimes in life we are looking at the Horizon, we are thinking not about tomorrow, but where we want […]