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HELP WANTED: Would you like to write for the blog?

Wanna write? Wanna help me write? This may be your chance…


Tools, Techniques and Teams – Wordpress Themes

  I’m ready to upgrade.  I’ve spoken about it in the past, the idea that I’ll have additional contributors and a higher end more magazine like appearance for this website.   As a matter of […]

Coming to Terms: Purple Squirrel or Never ending shades of violet

I’ve occasionally discussed the concept of the purple squirrel.  But what is it? According to Wikipedia: Purple squirrel is a term used by employment recruiters to describe a job candidate with precisely the right education, […]

Thrifty Studio Time and Priceless Motivation

A few weeks back I reached out to a contact I had made at the North Carolina Writers Network who had said they knew somebody with a studio. As anybody reading this blog with regularity […]

The Write Community

Who would have thought that a community post and writers meet-up would inspire me so much?

PIC your pay policy.

The sad part about any data out of a politically focused organization is that even when the data is really good, you still have to double check all of it for determining if it’s skewed.   […]

300 page business cards

There was a time when if you were an author, it was a very big deal.  What made it such a big deal with the fact that there was a gatekeeper. This gatekeeper was the […]