3 legged stool of retirement

The Three Legged Stool of Retirement

Social Security isn’t enough, 401K isn’t enough, Pension isn’t enough, but together… Now we have something!

Uof People

University of the People

There is a unique window of opportunity just now starting for professionals.

dilbert plush

Dilbert is All of Us:  Comic Strip on 2016-08-07 | Dilbert by Scott Adams

Scott Adams, the Master of corporate commentary reminds us about the different seasons of the PIC

walmart and deep fried twinkies

How Deep Fried Twinkies Can Destroy Dreams

Deep Fried Twinkies at Walmart are a sign of how corporations lose sight of the big picture.


Employee Engagement is really about the Professional Class

Employee engagement is really mostly about Professional Individual Contributors.


Labor Day and the Professional Worker

What does organized labor from the 1880’s and today’s Professional worker have in common?