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Big Problems Big Solutions – Chronic Underachievers

Here’s a crazy solution to get those folks who could work off their butts!

My Home at Sea and It’s Afloat: Brilliance, Opportunity and a Little Caution

What happens when out of the box thinking, meats hundreds of old cruise ships? Opportunity! Well, maybe…

Carrot and Stick

There is an imbalance in who has the ability to use both the carrot and stick.

Exit Interviews and Transparency Part I: A personal experience

There is one exit interview that I recall distinctly from one of my jobs. I was venting to the HR person about the insanity and brutality of the workload, the callous attitude of my manager […]

It’s world wide: Konami Is Treating Its Staff Like Prisoners

Abuse of professionals isn’t just a US thing, in fact other nations can be a thousand times worse.