Back in my cracker barrell dreams post I talked about how I wanted to have a book in my brick and mortar store, specifically a cracker barrel.  I recently came across the below linked article which makes a very strong case about the death of this traditional channel and the benefits of digital distribution of books.  Nothing new to see there for anyone paying attention.

There is a very high probability my long form writing project will be digital only if and when I do finish it.

There is an accelerated pace of change in our world

I think there is a bigger question, Specifically what dreams do we have that we have to modify because the world is changing?  In my case I always knew that I wanted to have digital offerings but I also had one foot, a dream, planted in the idea that I could create content that would be good enough for the rental book spindle at a cracker barrel.   That may never happen. But maybe I can have an audio book at or maybe it can be in the iTunes store?  These are after all the new version rental book spindle easily accessible via your smart phone or kindle ereader.

There is an accelerated pace of change in our world that continues at a blistering pace due to the rise of technology.  Ages ago to spread an idea it took years and years if not longer.  Today ideas are generated and shared nearly instantaneously across the globe.  There is not a single point on the earth that can’t be reached in under a day.

How many of our ideas and plans do we need to really hold onto and how many do we need to have continually evolve at the same rapid pace the world is changing?

I think if we know the answer to that question then we really will have a better shot of achieving our dreams.

via Why Publishers Must Use Direct Sales | Digital Book World.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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