Category: On The Job

When Quality Dies A Corporate Death

I went out to dinner, and it wasn’t just the food that left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Comfort Zone

When we are tasked with things we have little or no experience in, it can pull us out of our Comfort Zone. That can be a good thing, even if it feels like a bad thing.

The Value of Being Outspoken

Why doesn’t everyone speak out when they perceive an injustice in work or life? Well, there are many reasons…

Layoff Survival: Don’t Say It, Even If It’s True

Change in the workplace often means layoffs, and layoffs means someone has to decide who stays and who goes. These tips will help you be on the stay list.

Can You Make A Difference?

No matter if you are on the level where you are designing the system or providing the services, everyone wants to make a difference, but can you really do it?

Top 5 of 2022

Here it is, 5 of the most interesting, thought provoking, and inspirational stories of 2022!

Corporate Culture and the Pandemic

You want to get people back to work in a tight market? Do these 5 things (although you should always be doing them)

Risk Shift: Where Reality TV and Corporate Amex Cards Meet

Another story of how creative CFO’s are moving more and more of the risk of their business onto their Partners who have little to no choice in the matter!

Systems, cycles and MOU’s

In our complex organizational systems, we have cycles of effort that repeat themselves. How should you handle those cycles?

The Insanity of Medicare

I thought Medicare was supposed to be an easy solution for healthcare for seniors. Boy was I wrong.