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Plan Your Down Time

What do you do with your down time when you are not on vacation, but you are on a break? If you don’t plan, you lose all the good you can get from it.

Single / Single Syndrome: Single Parents With Only Children

Single Parents with Only Children have some very unique challenges in life. It’s a growing problem and i’m not sure there is a cure.

When Quality Dies A Corporate Death

I went out to dinner, and it wasn’t just the food that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Aggressive Ignorance: Is There Really A Solution?

Aggressively Ignorant people want to stay that way. They are also dangerous. If you can’t change it, how should you handle them?

How Do You Deal With Unreasonable or Irrational People?

In life we will engage people who can be irrationally belligerent. There are different ways to handle them, so the question becomes, which way is best?

Can You Really Be The Person You Want To Be?

We have goals, but things like our decision making, emotions, and biology all get in the way of letting us be the person we want to be.

Can You Make A Difference?

No matter if you are on the level where you are designing the system or providing the services, everyone wants to make a difference, but can you really do it?

Top 5 of 2022

Here it is, 5 of the most interesting, thought provoking, and inspirational stories of 2022!

Why Don’t We Have Transparency Everywhere It’s Needed?

Why are there still systems that don’t let us know what’s going on and why?

Having A Spouse Even When You Aren’t Married

Some people feel like you don’t need to be married to have a productive, safe, and fulfilling life. Many feel that way because they are married and just don’t know it.