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Should I add to the surplus?

I’ve been thinking about how to add additional content without adding to my work load, or add minimally.   One of the things I’ve thought about doing from before I started the blog, actually nearly over […]

Seth Goden asked me some questions…

In this post, Seth Goden, one of my influencers, asks some questions for writers.. I have the answers written out for this blog, for this book, and for anything else that i’m doing right now..

Building the Business: Book Legnth

It’s important to plan where your book is going, or you’ll never get there.

Monkeying Around With Data

Want to share your thoughts and be apart of the blog?

Building the Business: Social Media – Not so social after all

Social media sometimes doesn’t make the connections we think it will.

Six Month Checkup

It’s been six months, what have I accomplished?

A simple Exercise: Change a word

A simple and powerful exercise everyone should try.