Like Sid the science kid, I am continually trying to know everything about everything. (can you tell I have young kids?)  In that effort I learned that there is a science to writing… and authors have to target size when writing a book.   My target is going to be standard business book, when I calculated out the words I have to write it came to approximately 130 pages typed in google docs.

This was actually quite a revelation, it changed the focus.. from “what do I want to cover” to “this is how much space I have, what can I cover in this space”.   So I have to figure out chapters and then I have to figure out the length of each chapter.  

In many instances there are significant positives and negatives with new experiences.. for example, in our new home we don’t have trash pickup.   The good news, the surprise of this knowledge is now I can say “i’m X% done with the book” for example I have about 30 pages written so far, so assuming I stick with the typical book length, I’m about 20% done already.  This is a huge thing.. it means that I can track my progress..  That will help generate a sense of accomplishment which should keep me on task.

I blocked out the chapters, and below is what I came up with.  It should be interesting to see how close the final product comes to this early outline.  


Chatper 1: Introduction

  • defining a Professional Individual Contributor
  • talk about my motivations
  • lead into starting at the beginning, history and education.

Chapter X Education

  • history of education
  • stats on student loan debt
  • education bubble
  • thoughts on if education is a good thing or a bad thing
  • but what’s actually needed?  Masters and/or Trade.

Chapter X Work through the Ages

  • what is a job, where did they come from.

Chapter X Corporate Culture in the early 21st century

  • structure of society
  • competition in the workplace
  • income disparity

Chapter X Lifetsytle

  • where we live
  • what we do
  • what do we want
  • why is healthcare set up the way it is?
  • what about retirement, history of that?
  • culture

Chapter X Disconnect with Systems and Needs

  • Macro Level Solutions – PIC our Society’s Structure
  • Portability and consistency of life needs
    • Healthcare
    • child care
    • retirement
  • alternate: incentivize retention.
    • Make it really expensive to  eliminate employees – the anti-netflix

Chapter X PIC Survival Strategy:

  • Defining your goals
    • stick with where you are.
  • Offence vs. Defense
  • telecommuting

Chapter X Divining the future

  • Understanding the history of work –
    • Job’s to the Gig economy.
  • the role of guilds vs. the role of unions
  • today’s union vs. a union services of the future.
    • Unions, the self owned staffing agency

via How Long Should Your Book Be? | Publish to Get Clients.

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