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It’s been a good long while since I’ve come across a tool that has really interested me… well it seems like it’s a good long while, but more than likely it’s only been a few months.

 As I’ve advanced the blog I’ve realized I need to add value to the post. I can’t just say, “Hey, here is this cool thing”  I have to ask “What is the real value prop of this cool new thing?“.   I also have to ask “Hey, how is this going to change what i’m doing?”  Booktrack seems to be one of those things.

I started wondering about how I can integrate more visualization into my writing that would align with sounds. 

In a nutshell the the idea is soundtracks for books.  The clever aspect is that the application is measuring the reading pace of the individual reading the book and then intelligently inserting the sound effects into the book at the right time.   It also plays back music.


  • I don’t care what this guy is trying to say, it is a very niche audience.  At the time of this interview it’s only a few million readers.
  • It resonates mostly with youth audiences (Not my demographic)
  • It costs $1,000 to have them do it or 4- 6 full time days of my life.


  • Teachers use it, so my non-fiction may be a hit for them unless they are looking for a neat book about the workforce.
  • They work extensively with self publishers, of which dear reader I am most likely one.. (Unless you know a publisher who is dying for a book about how the professional middle class stumbled into a s__t pot full of trouble in this generation).

An interesting exercise. It got me thinking because I started wondering about how I can integrate more visualization into my writing that would align with sounds. Will this change my writing style if I decide to move forward with this?  Seriously, it’s tempting.  From a purely investment standpoint, I don’t mind the time.  It also got me thinking about how I would integrate the soundtrack to international editions of the book long form writing project.  I really want to publish in spanish and mandarin in addition to english.

This doesn’t change my day to day focus as that’s all about writing for the blog and the book.. but it may be one more thing to put on my do doo list.

I have to admit I find the exercise exhilarating..  Like the first crash of a wave you hear upon your arrival to your long awaited beach vacation, and a little bit scary, like the doorbell ringing when your overly critical mother comes to visit.

via DBW Interview with Paul Cameron, CEO, Booktrack | Digital Book World.

Tools, Techniques and Teams – Tools, Techniques and Teams  posts are designed to be a look behind the veil of this project.  The posts are about the tools i’m using (or considering), such as hardware, software, and services.  The techniques I’ve discovered to help process my workflow, and the team members i’m relying on to help me bring it all together.

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