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Can you use Piracy as a Marketing Tactic?

Here is a novel concept, how about the use of Piracy as a bonafide way to get new customers.


The Write Community

Who would have thought that a community post and writers meet-up would inspire me so much?

A Crowded Cloud

I have many followers on the Peluso Presents Twitter Account.  The thing is, I don’t really use Twitter for what it’s really good for.. a public conversation.  For me, Twitter is about announcements.  I do […]


No more biscuits or: Why Publishers Must Use Direct Sales | Digital Book World

How the changing world of publishing may keep my book out of Cracker Barrel


Building the Business: Book Legnth

It’s important to plan where your book is going, or you’ll never get there.


Six Month Checkup

It’s been six months, what have I accomplished?


something is nagging me

I can’t escape it..