A simple exercise is that I took the list on Steven Honders’s Blog – 125 things I learned while developing games, and modified the list and replaced specific words such as “Developing” To “Writing” and “Games” to “Books”

It was amazing how much crossover there is in the list.. I think it was 99% applicable to what I’m trying to do.

I’m sure a similar exercise would work for any of your creative efforts as well.  You can substitute ‘games’ for ‘writing’ or ‘dance’ or ‘acting’ or ‘composing’ and it mostly works.   I heartily recommend the exercise..

via Gamasutra: Steven Honders’s Blog – 125 things I learned while developing games..

Posted by Mike Peluso

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  1. […] and blogs that I watch and read and they seem to be doing ok, making a living at least.  I am inspired by people who make video games, many fail, but some are spectacular successes.   So I can do this.  I should be able to.  At […]



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