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The Breakdown Box for Life

What a telecom test set taught me about myself

Can you use Piracy as a Marketing Tactic?

Here is a novel concept, how about the use of Piracy as a bonafide way to get new customers.

How Deep Fried Twinkies Can Destroy Dreams

Deep Fried Twinkies at Walmart are a sign of how corporations lose sight of the big picture.

HELP WANTED: Would you like to write for the blog?

Wanna write? Wanna help me write? This may be your chance…

Honey, Sweetie, Baby

It was a recent Friday afternoon and I was making my way up to the front of the line at the Murphy USA station with my bag of low cal chips and my 100 calorie […]

3 Money Hacks Every 40-Year-Old Should Know – daveramsey.com

  I recently wrote an Influence U post about Dave Ramsey.  Here is a link to one of the articles.  This post is typical of his blog.  It’s 1/2 good advice and 1/2 advertisement for […]