I recently wrote an Influence U post about Dave Ramsey.  Here is a link to one of the articles.  This post is typical of his blog.  It’s 1/2 good advice and 1/2 advertisement for services he offers such as his Endorsed Local Provider Network.

Your 40’s is the time of life when all the pressures of the world are on your shoulders


I find it salient because i’m just now starting to write about the third of the big three benefits.. the big three being Health Care, Paid Time Off (vacation time) and Retirement.  I’m about to do a ton of research into retirement programs.

What is interesting about this article is how it targets 40 year olds.  Your 40’s is the time of life when all the pressures of the world are on your shoulders. I’ve just had a birthday that puts me right at mid-40’s.  Amazing how I sometimes feel much older than that and other days I don’t feel like i’m over 21.  – I digress.  Chronically I can’t avoid that Retirement is a big deal.. a huge deal actually that has to be addressed.  Except that there is childcare that takes away from retirement, there is elder care.. there is career investment.  Then there is just living expenses managing a family. In short all the pressures of life make actual retirement highly challenging for people in their 40’s with average incomes.. you know people who aren’t big leaders with massive paychecks.

I did look into it recently and my financial advisor told me i’m doing ok.  We will be fine for retirement, assuming of course that I maintain my current retirement plan.. Which is highly questionable in this environment of job hopping as the only way to get ahead or stay employed.

A hack is a way around a defined system.. I don’t that the advice in this article truly counts as ‘hacks’..  but I think the system doesn’t really work all that well for retirement, so maybe the spirity of a hack is what we need.

via 3 Money Hacks Every 40-Year-Old Should Know – daveramsey.com.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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