“I can take the pain” my cousin said.  He is a very accomplished professional who made it to a CEO post of  a large organization in his career.  My cousin knows business well and we were talking about how stressful employment can be and  sharing war stories of past jobs and if and how we survived those experiences.    In his statement he was saying that he’s been in organizations that were so crazily dysfunctional that one of the secrets of his long term success was simply because he knew how to deal with the stress of the business world.

This makes sense when you consider that HR doesn’t even have ‘stress’ on it’s top five list.  So if stress is the reason why top talent leaves an organization, then it also follows that the people who can deal with the stress the best long term are the ones who will percolate to the management rolls.

There is a secret here if you read between the lines.. and that reason is that senior management, not HR, controls the stress levels seen by employees. Organizational structure and the stress related to it is something that changes very slowly, if it can even change at all.. so if HR can’t control something, then there is less of a tendency to put that thing on a list like the one cited in the article (unless of course HR is trying to pass the blame, but it’s very difficult to pass the blame up the ladder, so it’s better to ignore the elephant in the room).

PIC’s work is stressful for many reasons, and rare is the recruiter who will emphasize the high stress nature of professional individual positions in their organizations.  It’s tantamount to saying “you won’t be here long” I can’t help but think that if there is a little more open conversation about stress in the workplace and it’s effects on the companies and the employees, both companies and their employees would benefit in the longer term.

via Why Employees Leave: It Comes Down to a Stressful Work Environment | TLNT.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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