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HBR post about employee engagement.

Engagement for the business Professional is not nearly as easy as you may think.

Educated Professionals are Non-Traditional Learners Too

Non-Traditional Learners are not just the factory floor HS dropouts.


What is one more way to make a professional into a contractor?

You MUST make sure you understand your environment in the Professional World

It is critical to understand your work reality or you will be tremendously unhappy!

Overtime for the Professional: Two Important Points on the New Legislation

There is a great CNN Money article that goes over the pro’s and con’s of the new overtime rules passed by congress.

Will we shut off the lights?

  If you are a trekkie, especially one of a specific age then you have probably seen star trek 3.   There is a very unique scene in that movie where the recently reincarnated Spock […]

Identifying the Seasons of the PIC

My wife likes to use the term seasons, meaning a ‘season of life’ or a easily defined period in your life.    There is the season of child rearing, the season of youth, the season of […]

Life Traps: The too good to be true side business

Many dream of the benefits of their own successful business. Some options really are too good to be true!