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Employee Engagement is really about the Professional Class

Employee engagement is really mostly about Professional Individual Contributors.

Guest Post: Getting the Best from a Training Experience- As a Student

By Katy Caselli- Organizational Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Instructor Did you know that 60-90% of all corporate training efforts fail?* As a student who is trying to advance in an organization, it may be mostly up to […]


What is one more way to make a professional into a contractor?

Overtime for the Professional: Two Important Points on the New Legislation

There is a great CNN Money article that goes over the pro’s and con’s of the new overtime rules passed by congress.

HR and Technology

Tech accelerates, and that is the most important thing to know about it.

PIC Privacy: Wellness

One of the biggest challenges of Professional Individual Contributors is that we live in an era where everything is public.  This is especially true for professional positions where technical acumen is expected.  How can someone […]

Warning Signs: Boundaries

You have to be cautious and do your homework!

Grey Areas and Line Leads

If you are technically a supervisor, are you no longer a PIC?