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New Blood, Bad Blood: The Systematic Elimination of Internal Promotions

“We need new blood” means someone is out for blood!


What is one more way to make a professional into a contractor?

You MUST make sure you understand your environment in the Professional World

It is critical to understand your work reality or you will be tremendously unhappy!

GIGity ECONomy

  Here is an interesting little ditty from the NC Labor and Economic Analysis division about the GIG Economy.  It touches base on the GIG economy, saying that the gig economy is a tiny fraction […]

Don’t Think outside the lines

  In a world where Professional Individual Contributors work so closely together, then conflict between someone who thinks outside the lines and someone who thinks inside them is inevitable.  

Loosing Focus

I have a friend who works in finance.  She’s got a job that is tremendously detailed.   She spends long days, especially during tax time, from before the sun comes up to when the sun goes […]

Overrun by the Amazonians

Apparently driving your employees to self destruct works just as well for your competition.   Although the outlook on self publishing seems very rosey, it looks like there is one company who is going to be […]