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Loosing Focus

I have a friend who works in finance.  She’s got a job that is tremendously detailed.   She spends long days, especially during tax time, from before the sun comes up to when the sun goes […]

Overrun by the Amazonians

Apparently driving your employees to self destruct works just as well for your competition.   Although the outlook on self publishing seems very rosey, it looks like there is one company who is going to be […]

You can’t ‘out business’ your competition

One of the greatest fallacies of organizations is the belief that they can out ‘business’ their competition.  What do I mean by out business?  Well generally it means that their is a belief by management […]

Unrealistic Activity (which is like unrealistic expectations)

Learn about prostate produced power points and excreted excel sheets that come from too much reporting as a function of the job

Repost “This isn’t an 8-5 Job” – 3rd Repost

It almost doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there are virtually no limits to working hours for today’s PIC.

Complexity and Commitment

They say it takes six months to get up to speed, in reality could it be six years?

The Netflix Slide Deck, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Netflix slide Deck has been called the most important document to come out of Silicon Valley. It has some very good and bad in it…

It takes six months.

The Professional Individual Contributor is a subset of the more common term ‘white collar worker’ (WCW).  I don’t use the term white collar worker because that WCW also encompasses management, both perceived (supervisor or director […]