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The statement “this isn’t an 8 to 5 job” isn’t a euphemism for an odd schedule.. it’s a statement that we expect you to work 24-7. We want you to check in on your days off.. we want you to work after the kids are in bed, we want you to put emails on your phone and respond in the off hours.

This is business in
the internet age

This is business in the internet age. You are connected at all times and you are working at all times. This is most true if your a professional. If you put up toys on the shelf at Walmart for a living.. you are not expected to work when your home, it is impossible to work from home. If your a nurse practitioner, well yes, you’ve always lived like this because it was a matter of life and death.. quite literally.

But if your an engineer.. a CAD person, A software coder, a customer service person… and you hear “This isn’t an 8 to 5 job” what the company is really saying is “we work you to death..” We chew you up and spit you out. You are nothing but a resource to be mined until you are useless.

And I think your average worker is starting to catch on.. and this may not be very good for business in general. Don’t believe me, check out: DOL Announces Long-Awaited Overtime Expansion Proposal.

Posted by Mike Peluso

Mike Peluso writes about the collision between between the business / professional world and life. He also writes about the journey involved with the Peluso Presents efforts including the Blog, Books, and Podcast so that others may benefit from his efforts. From Mike: I spend hundreds of hours working on these articles every year with no compensation other than support I get through donations. You can support with a tip and by Subscribing to the Podcast (and writing a review on iTunes would be really appreciated as well!) One time tips: www.paypal.me/pelusopresents https://venmo.com/pelusopresents

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