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Episode 204 – Systems, Cycleles & MOU’s

Our organizations have complex systems, and when something isn’t quite right in those systems can break down. THEN it’s a never ending repair cycle.  Could an MOU help? Maybe, for a short time. Another new episode […]

Episode 203 – The Insanity of Medicare

It was the experience of Shock and Awe when I was first exposed to all the details surrounding receiving Medicare at retirement.  Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

Episode 202 – The Pet Relationship Lifecycle

Pets, or getting pets, is a big part of new relationships.  It’s such a big point, we have to ask ourselves, is it unavoidable? Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

Episode 201 – What Does Your Forever Education Plan Look LIke?

The question isn’t do need  to continue to learn for the rest of your life.  We all do.  The real question is: What is your plan?  Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

Episode 200 – Last Man Standing

Welcome to Episode 200!!  This episode includes some surprises as well as a great post of the week, which is all about starting something with a group of people, and then looking around, realizing your […]

Episode 199 – Passion Skills – Why You Should Work For Free

In life we work to get paid, to have a roof over our heads and to put food on the table.  Sometimes, even later in life, it’s a good idea to work for free, because […]

Episode 198 – What Makes the Perfect Company

It’s no question that many companies are just bad places to be for the rank and file.  There are also some amazingly great places to work out there.  What makes them great?  Here are some […]

Episode 197 – The Piece of Paper

Often people get fixated on having, or not having a degree, i.e. the piece of paper.  Is a degree really that important to have?  What else is involved in getting a job beyond the piece […]

Episode 196 – The Job Hunting Roller Coaster

When you look for a job, the emotions involved can be intense with very high high’s and very low low’s.   Why are they so intense?  What can you do about them?  That’s the point of […]

Episode 195: Cross Country Considerations II: Vacations

In the early part of our lives, we go on vacation to refresh and renew. As we move on, vacations get commandeered by needs of others.  We can forget what a vacation is and what […]