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Episode 194 – Cross Country Considerations I: Inflation in our Minimum Acceptable Standards

Most people have minimum standards.  They won’t accept anything less.  For the physical things in our lives, those minimums have been steadily increasing over time.  Is it justifiable, or are we being manipulated?Another new episode […]

Episode 193 – BLM vs ALM? It’s Really NLM!

Bionics, Pandemics and the No Lives Matter Movement!Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

Episode 192 – A Love Letter to Wires

We are moving from a world of wires, to a wireless world.  Like any big shift, we are leaving some things behind in the transition.  That’s why I wanted to write this love letter to […]

Episode 191 – Things You Need To Experience In Life To Truly Understand Them

There are some things in life you can learn by reading about them, attending, a class, or hearing about it.  For other things, to understand them, truly understand them, you have to experience it first […]

Episode 190 – Can We Make Every Job a Government Job? (But Not Like That)

Government has issues for sure.  There is one area where government usually out performs the private sector by a wide margin: Employee Benefits.  This show asks: Is it possible to get Gov’t style benefits into […]

Episode 189 – Politics

Politics is a thing that drives intense emotional reactions out of people.  It used to be a passion of mine until I started to look at our political realities a little differently.  This show is […]

Episode 188 – The Law of Convenience

Why do sub par options often win in the marketplace, at work, in life?  The answer, more often than not, is that they are convenient.  Convenience always seems to win and this show explains why […]

Episode 187 – Voluntary Activity

What’s the benefit for doing extra projects at work that your not asked to do?  Is it just something you see workaholics do or is there some real benefit to it?  Another new episode of the […]

Episode 186 – Vanity and the Work Environment

There is, and will always be a bias in society for those who are attractive to others.  This bias definitely exists in the workplace.   For those that are naturally attractive, they benefit.  For those who […]

Episode 185 – The Top 5 of 2021

It’s time for our annual Top 5 show.  We have some great Post’s of the Week from 2021 in this show and there is even a bonus post.  Listen and hear some of the worlds […]