Greetings and Happy New Years!  This year our annual ‘Top 5 List’ where we post the top five articles of the year.  As is our tradition, these are articles that really resonated with either me or my audience and I use this annual Top 5 post to give them a bit more time to shine.  They are listed by the date they were published.  Interestingly, except for our first article, this year’s list has a very distinct theme.  It’s all about jobs.   Getting jobs, what we could do to make jobs better, and even what stuff you should do when your not getting paid.  I think together it’s an interesting take on the world of work. Enjoy!  

1. The Law of Convenience – Posted March 7th.  

Our first article highlight for the year comes from the post “The Law of Convenience.”  The post points out how the more convenient option always wins in work and life.  Convenience, when looked at in this way, almost like a law of nature, can be a trap or it can be a huge boon.  The article gives tips on traps to avoid and ways to use the Law of Convenience to your advantage! 

2. Can we make every job a government job? (but not like that) – Posted April 4th 

Most people know that there are huge differences between government jobs where there is no profit motive, and the private sector, where the profit motive is the core of everything.  Many would argue that government jobs pay less, but make up for it with substantially better benefits. These benefits make the employees much more sticky to the government organization, reducing churn.   This article asked the question, what if we could take all those great government benefits, and make them available as part of a private sector benefits package?  This change could be a win for the government employers, a win for the private sector employers, and a huge win for the employees, no matter where they work!   

3. The Job Hunting Roller Coaster – Posted June 27th

Very few people enjoy living a life filled with rapid emotional extremes.   Unfortunately, for those who transition jobs, they most likely have to live through that experience.  The job hunting process has more emotional ups and downs than most roller coaster parks.  Is there a way to not deal with the emotional undulations?  Sadly, for many, the answer is no, but there are some ways to blunt the impact.  Not only does this article chronicle the emotional ups and downs of the job hunt, it also discusses the ways to get off this bad ride.    

4. The Piece of Paper – Posted July 11th

There are some people who are just stuck on the idea of a degree or diploma as being necessary to have a great career with many options.  They resent the fact that they never got one or wrongly assume those who have one have a very easy time securing jobs.  The degree, or the piece of paper as it’s referred to by this article’s protagonist is critical, but only in jobs where it’s critical.  In other areas it’s not nearly as important as some ascribe it to be, and in many cases it really doesn’t matter at all. 

5. Passion Sills: Why Should You Work For Free? –  Posted August 8th

What would you do if you wanted to work and didn’t need to work for money?  What would you learn if you worked for free at something that is a passion of yours?  Where could those new passion skills lead you?  That’s the question this article asks, and it really explores all the benefits of working for free!

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