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Sharing the adventures on everything i’m learning with my adventures in writing books

Overrun by the Amazonians

Apparently driving your employees to self destruct works just as well for your competition.   Although the outlook on self publishing seems very rosey, it looks like there is one company who is going to be […]

The book in a blog post

  There is a good post post from the Dave Ramsey blog where he touches on several of the things i’m writing about.   He lists them as 5 money problems we didn’t have 50 years […]

Lights, Camera, Action

  One of the thoughts I’ve had about the book is how to extend the work into different accessible formats.  The most obvious solution is something I’ve already talked about, which is simply translating it. […]

Update on Retirement

I’m currently researching retirement, which is one of the big three of employer ‘benefits’.  The other two are paid time off and medical.  Specifically I’m researching and writing about employer funded retirement programs.    I’ve learned […]

How Can I Innovate, How Can you?

Friday posts are generally supposed to discuss concepts and theories behind whatever effort I’m working on.   It’s sort of an inside baseball, or behind the book type of post.  I’m doing it to both […]

Now I need to think about sound effects.

A book with sound effects? Now that’s an interesting concept, and something I may need to look into a bit more.