Another little HR article about international workforce.   This isn’t as horrible as the Konami debacle, but it does speak to issues on a national level.

The gem in this article is in the list ostensibly from the German federal ministry of labor and social affairs.  It’s number 2:

2. Make employees feel safe in expressing opinions and ideas: Foster trust by welcoming, listening, acting on employee feedback. Reward people for voicing innovative ideas. Encourage discussion between employees and regular one-on-one meetings between managers and their reports.

I’m thinking there is much more to write about this.. because one of the man reasons people don’t engage at work is that they fear for their jobs and all of the benefits / lock in that goes along with the jobs.  It seems to me that there needs to be several ways for employees to engage and their effectiveness will correlate with the corporate culture and needs of the organization in question.

Town halls, employee comment cards, open door policies, confidential interviews, there are several.. all with pro’s and con’s associated with them.    The big question is which ones work, and which ones don’t.  Also even with all of these things, will they solicit change for the benefit of the organization and employee.. or are they just another tool to be used to drive organizational goals at the expense of the individual.

via Gallup: Why 85% of Germany Disengaged| RecognizeThis!.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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