This is an interesting article by Heather Nelson that goes into detail on Employee feedback.. and the ways to get more of it.  It’s a good read and it’s got a great advice on how to avoid the things that get in the way of employer feedback from workers.

Ironically she doesn’t really touch on the number one thing that gets in the way of Employer feedback, which is employers who don’t want or care about your feedback.  This is the reason why  most PIC’s don’t get asked for their feedback.  In most cases the Professional Individual Contributor has a boss that’s so over burdened with a reactionary workload that they don’t have time to go through the process of soliciting feedback.

Organizations tend not to train their management on how to solicit or manage feedback.  If an organization is big enough then the feedback process may be formalized into a systematic or organizational task, but then you get to what Heather touches on, feedback is inherently personal and  the best you can hope for is change based upon some feedback you have given that others have given as well.

But hey, if it happens we should count ourselves lucky.  It’s not often that anyone has the freedom, effort, and bandwidth to just solicit feedback, let alone do anything about it.

via 3 Things That Get in the Way of Listening to Employee Feedback.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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