Scope Creep, and it’s Scope creep creating more 4 year degree PIC’s.   I am very deeply engaged on a professional level with my local community college.  I say this because I get it.. I get  the desire for the community colleges to drive to meet the needs of the local economies.  The points in this article about needing to meet the nursing needs in the area are valid.. spend 5 minutes with a hospital HR director and they will tell you how much they need BSN Nurse PIC’s.

The questions in this article to ask are: Do we really need more BSN’s?  Do we really need Bachelors?  What is driving that need so much that the organizations closest to the business and community are pushing ahead to meet that need?

I know from personal experience that an intelligent, skilled, considerate and highly experienced nurses assistant is about 10,000 times more effective in actual patient care than a BSN graduate who has the credential (and commensurate student loans) but isn’t experienced in the realities of their position.

This is a tough conversation to have and it goes deeper than the article presents.. but the article is a good conversation starter, definately.

via Challenges remain for community colleges offering bachelor’s degrees | InsideHigherEd.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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