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Job Profiling: Like the Force, it has a dark and light side.

Job profiling is extremely formalized process used to develop a highly detailed description of each job in a company and organizations use this information to determine the appropriate pay for each position. On the positive side of Job profiling companies get a much deeper understanding of what is involved in each role at the company.

The negative is that it’s a force -pun intended –  towards the siloing of the recruiting efforts.  The focus becomes one of ‘what can we find that exactly fits these exact definitions and nothing else matters’.  At this point the idea and value of skills needed for upward mobility are completely eradicated from the recruiting process.

If your a PIC with a more generalized education and an eye towards management, then the Job Profile can become the dark side of the force.

via ACT WorkKeys® | Job Profiling Training | ACT.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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