How many parents and grandparents said something like”Go to college, get an education, get a good job”?  I don’t think I’ve ever met any grandparent of a certain age who didn’t believe this as gospel truth.  Education = Good Job(read: Not low paid manual labor) .  College = Education, therefore College = Good Job.

We are finding that’s not the case.. that the goal is skills, not education.. but as a nation we are still worshiping at the gospel of a four year degree or more.  This almost religious level of devotion to a college education has resulted in such a long term national promotions of the nations educational institutions that we arguably have worked ourselves into an education bubble.

This is where the PIC connection comes’s in.   One of the signs of a Professional Individual Contributor is some form of advanced education, usually a degree from a two or four year college or university.  There are lots of people with these degrees as the universities are graduating people in record numbers.  In doing research into this I found this article.  It is admittedly sensational and politically charged but does make some strong points about the potential downside of the education bubble.

The article includes allot to unpack but only really touches on the core of how we got here, which is the Higher Education Act from the mid 1960’s.

I think this is a good introduction to the education bubble but there is much more to this story that will come out in future writing projects and blog posts.. but for now, enjoy the linq.

via The College Bubble (incl. Education & Student Loan Bubble) |.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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