Bill Nolff was an awesome dude.  He was my first real boss out of college.  He was the national accounts manager for an auto parts manufacturer and I was his assistant.  Bill played guitar, drank, smoked and was everybody’s buddy!  Bill is dead now but he’s was definitely an inspiration.. so I expect to eventually have an Inspiration U post about him, but this post isn’t about how he inspired me.  It was just about a joke he told me I still use to this day..

The joke was that one day he came in to the office and told me to take out a piece of paper.  He said we had to write down a Doo Do list for the Doodoo we have to Do.   I still occasionally think of my To Do lists as Doo Do lists.

Well why is this important.. One measure of accountability is to share one’s to do list with those you are accountable to.  This is not a foreign concept and it’s used in many different venues. In many ways I’m accountable to you Dear Reader.. so I’m thinking one way I can do that is to share my Do Doo list publically.. well at least the first one that i’m starting.  It, like most things i’m doing will be a simple easily available tool.  I really don’t know if it’ll ever be updated, improved, or modified.. but like everything else about this project the goal is to ship.. and see where it takes me.

It’s very simple today, but it’s out there now..

Posted by Mike Peluso

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  1. Worked with Bill Nolff 1977-82, City of Dearborn (MI) P&R. You are right, he was an awesome dude. Tried to find him but was too late….sigh.

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