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Overtime for the Professional: Two Important Points on the New Legislation

There is a great CNN Money article¬†that goes over the pro’s and con’s of the new overtime rules passed by congress.

Bicentennial of the Automation Nation

Robots and Revolution =Automation Nation for the Professional

I see a reverse meaning in this..

The fact that a reverse transfer exists tells us all we need to know.

Warning Signs: Boundaries

You have to be cautious and do your homework!

Money and Mouth – The Great disconnect part 1&2

Two posts combined in one for your reading pleasure.

Life Happens even to top performers

Life Happens, and when it does the company isn’t set up to care.

The Peluso Policy on PIC Severance: Part Deux

In my last post I discussed the idea of a standard for employer severance that calls for two months of severance for every year the employee has worked for the employer.

The Peluso Policy on PIC Severance.

There is a better way to meet the separation needs of employees and business.