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You MUST make sure you understand your environment in the Professional World

It is critical to understand your work reality or you will be tremendously unhappy!

What time does your organization live?

I’ve been working on this post for some time.   I’m not sure it’s going to come together the way I want, but I need to get it out there, even if it’s just to get […]

Creative Destruction & Acceleration

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing

Life Traps: The too good to be true side business

Many dream of the benefits of their own successful business. Some options really are too good to be true!

GIGity ECONomy

  Here is an interesting little ditty from the NC Labor and Economic Analysis division about the GIG Economy.  It touches base on the GIG economy, saying that the gig economy is a tiny fraction […]

Uniforms for the Professional

Uniforms for the professional are both flexible and strict at the same time. Professionals must always pay attention to the how, when, and why’s of their uniforms.


I have a TiVo.  I recently was shocked that I met some young adults who were simply not familiar with the brand.  Shocked because if you are not familiar with TiVo at one point it […]

Bandwidth and the Business

  I find it interesting how many professional individual contributors have home based business.  They usually say it with pride when they tell you.   “Well I have my OWN business”  – usually there is emphasis […]

You can’t ‘out business’ your competition

One of the greatest fallacies of organizations is the belief that they can out ‘business’ their competition.  What do I mean by out business?  Well generally it means that their is a belief by management […]

Unrealistic Activity (which is like unrealistic expectations)

Learn about prostate produced power points and excreted excel sheets that come from too much reporting as a function of the job