This is an interesting post not specifically for the premise behind it’s title.  If you read through the first paragraph it really does make the point that everybody  can be seen as stupid by someone at some point.   It’s the opposite  of the concept that no matter how attractive or intelligent you are there will always be somebody whom you can argue is better-looking than you or there will always be someone smarter than you.  

I think what I find interesting is the linguistic commonalities that the author recommends that are most often used in the corporate and professional setting.  “It is what it is” Maybe a great way to deflect a conversation that you don’t wish to have but it really doesn’t provide the opportunity to change the dynamic of the office.  

This is a great list if you want to avoid engaging people it’s a terrible list if you wish to incite positive change in your environment.. The question is what do you wish to do?

Via TLNT.  Source: How to work with stupid people. – Laurie Ruettimann.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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