This isn’t a big thing to people who read this blog..  A senior manager a tech company that passes away, but there is a reason to reflect in the news.  I think the key to look at is Iwata San’s (not sure if I wrote that correctly) age.  He was 55 and he died of the monster – cancer.

My Dad died of cancer (he had it twice), my Mom had cancer (she beat it).  My Step-Brother has cancer.  I think it affects something like 40% of the population.  Their is a very good chance the monster is going to come and get you too.. No I’m not being alarmist, it’s simply a truism of a 40% chance.

We work, we toil, we stress about getting to that next level.  It’s stories like this that make you rethink everything.   I know what my motivators are to stay engaged and move forward in life.. to put on the tie and get up every morning and go out to work and to be an individual contributor.

What are your motivators?

via Gamasutra – Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, passes away.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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