In this podcast on ‘building community’ the conversation was all about how Twitter can be a community.  Although the show is a great show, I’m wondering if they have it all wrong.  Although Twitter can be though of as community-like I think it is more like a really big party line phone system.

The biggest takeaway for me personally wasn’t so much about building community but about the time commitment.   Like anything else if we are going to do something well we need to focus.  I’m tightening up my focus.  The podcast is on hold until it can be something that can easily be slip streamed into my workflow.  The Book and Blog are seeming to gel into something akin to parity.

Twitter is still there, but at the time of this writing it’s a secondary focus.  Something that’s done int he periphery of other things.. at least until I really feel comfortable about how to really engage twitter users with a tremendous amount of value.

via Marketing Mavericks 44: How to Build a Community on Twitter – YouTube.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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