The title of the article from a few years ago is rather shocking, well it’s supposed to be right?  That’s the point of titles, get people to click on them.  The title is: Graduation Rates Fall at One-Third of 4-Year Colleges – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education.  

Flip the title and what do you get.. nearly 2/3rds of colleges are able to keep their graduation rates flat or increasing.  This is actually a problem if there is an education bubble or possibly an education over-supply.

One challenge for a Professional Individual Contributor is having an an advanced degree, whether it’s needed or not for the job*

Even though this article is about five years old at the time of this blog post, it’s attitude and focus- the idea that increasing graduation rates are a in-arguably a desirable outcome- still very much exist today, and could possibly be very wrong headed.

via Graduation Rates Fall at One-Third of 4-Year Colleges – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

* notice I didn’t say needed or not to GET the job, just needed or not to do the job.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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