When there is complete disregard for your actual performance.. and the stated policy is that performance reviews are all supposed to be ‘needs improvement’.  I can only assume the rational is that everyone can improve and the logic is to drive people to new heights.. but this philosophy doesn’t take into account individuality.

This activity demoralizes you, the highly efficient individual contributor, the Action Oriented person.  The individual who is intelligent, motivated, and has common sense (different from intelligence) looses motivation and sees the flaws in this type of system.

The question we have to ask ourselves is aside from the obvious (I’m the hell out of here!!) how do we combat this type of insanity?

Posted by Mike Peluso

Mike Peluso writes about the collision between between the business / professional world and life. He also writes about the journey involved with the Peluso Presents efforts including the Blog, Books, and Podcast so that others may benefit from his efforts. From Mike: I spend hundreds of hours working on these articles every year with no compensation other than support I get through donations. You can support with a tip and by Subscribing to the Podcast (and writing a review on iTunes would be really appreciated as well!) One time tips:

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