No matter how bad the other guy is, your guy has something to balance it off.

Episode 188 – The Law of Convenience

Why do sub par options often win in the marketplace, at work, in life?  The answer, more often than not, is that they are convenient.  Convenience always seems to win and this show explains why […]

The Law of Convenience

Convenience rules the world, and that’s not really a good thing.

Episode 187 – Voluntary Activity

What’s the benefit for doing extra projects at work that your not asked to do?  Is it just something you see workaholics do or is there some real benefit to it?  Another new episode of the […]

Voluntary Activity

How much extra should you do when nobody asked you to do it?

Episode 186 – Vanity and the Work Environment

There is, and will always be a bias in society for those who are attractive to others.  This bias definitely exists in the workplace.   For those that are naturally attractive, they benefit.  For those who […]

Vanity and the Work Environment

You got to look good at work, but to what extent will you go to do it?

Episode 185 – The Top 5 of 2021

It’s time for our annual Top 5 show.  We have some great Post’s of the Week from 2021 in this show and there is even a bonus post.  Listen and hear some of the worlds […]

Peluso Presents Top 5 of 2021

Here are some of the best stories from 2021, definitely worth a read!

Episode 184 – A Peluso Looks at 50

Big birthdays can be big problems or big opportunities.  On the problem side, we stress about getting older.  On the opportunity side, we can look back and appreciate how far we have come and everything […]