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Labor Day and the Professional Worker

What does organized labor from the 1880’s and today’s Professional worker have in common?

Honey, Sweetie, Baby

It was a recent Friday afternoon and I was making my way up to the front of the line at the Murphy USA station with my bag of low cal chips and my 100 calorie […]

Life Traps: The too good to be true side business

Many dream of the benefits of their own successful business. Some options really are too good to be true!

GIGity ECONomy

  Here is an interesting little ditty from the NC Labor and Economic Analysis division about the GIG Economy.  It touches base on the GIG economy, saying that the gig economy is a tiny fraction […]

A Small Alternative

I live just outside a community that’s a bit artsy, or I guess more formally it’s known as a politically progressive.  Alternative lifestyles, art, all natural living, and a resistance to business and development are all topics that […]

Population Growth in the Carolinas: Projected vs. Observed Trends | Carolina Demography

Population growth isn’t just a number, it also tells the story of where professionals have to go to get jobs.

3 Money Hacks Every 40-Year-Old Should Know – daveramsey.com

  I recently wrote an Influence U post about Dave Ramsey.  Here is a link to one of the articles.  This post is typical of his blog.  It’s 1/2 good advice and 1/2 advertisement for […]