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Gatekeeper Credential

A gatekeeper credential can be a good thing or a bad thing.

The Higher Ed Gas Crisis

A great insight into how a university administrator thinks about delivering to the needs of the corporate world.

Continuing Education from the educators point of view

How does a traditional university educator see Continuing Education in the information age?

A PhD in Bacardi: Repost

Here is a reworking of one of one of my early posts. It’s a story about a PhD who had to sell vacations to pay off student loan debt.

University of the People

There is a unique window of opportunity just now starting for professionals.

Educated Professionals are Non-Traditional Learners Too

Non-Traditional Learners are not just the factory floor HS dropouts.

A novice mistake from a supposed master.

After I graduated high school I I entered into the bachelor black hole.  Thankfully I didn’t suffer as bad as some of my peers when it came to debt.   I exited college with little student […]

Survey Analysis 2 – Student Debt Load

Note: This is an analysis to some of the answers I’ve received from interviews and surveys. For privacy sake, I have redacted some details by using […] to signify when something was cut out or replaced to promote […]