The Bachelor Black Hole

A professional individual contributor is the personification of the middle class.  Initially PIC’s were not Individual contributors.. they were management.   Professionals got their start in complex jobs and middle management, entry level white collar.  You […]

Building the Business: Book Legnth

It’s important to plan where your book is going, or you’ll never get there.

PIC Privacy: Wellness

One of the biggest challenges of Professional Individual Contributors is that we live in an era where everything is public.  This is especially true for professional positions where technical acumen is expected.  How can someone […]

Complexity and Commitment

They say it takes six months to get up to speed, in reality could it be six years?

10 things companies don’t want to pay for but employees need.

lunch breaks work / office space vacation time   health benefits unemployment insurance worker’s compensation retirement plans training cell phones / office lines / internet for work higher salaries

Monkeying Around With Data

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The Netflix Slide Deck, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Netflix slide Deck has been called the most important document to come out of Silicon Valley. It has some very good and bad in it…