Unrealistic Activity (which is like unrealistic expectations)

Learn about prostate produced power points and excreted excel sheets that come from too much reporting as a function of the job

Dilbert Can Tweak The Software – Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-12-14 | Dilbert by Scott Adams

Scott Adams shows his genius again!

Should I add to the surplus?

I’ve been thinking about how to add additional content without adding to my work load, or add minimally. ¬† One of the things I’ve thought about doing from before I started the blog, actually nearly¬†over […]

Repost “This isn’t an 8-5 Job” – 3rd Repost

It almost doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there are virtually no limits to working hours for today’s PIC.

Seth Goden asked me some questions…

In this post, Seth Goden, one of my influencers, asks some questions for writers.. I have the answers written out for this blog, for this book, and for anything else that i’m doing right now..