Bad Guy Ego

Some ideas for explaining why the bad guys always seem to win in the professional world.

No more biscuits or: Why Publishers Must Use Direct Sales | Digital Book World

How the changing world of publishing may keep my book out of Cracker Barrel

Home Broadband 2015 | Pew Research Center

Their was a time when you had your home phone, your pay television provider, and your electric provider. This trinity of utilities and communication lasted for decades. Then, like the FOX network, along came the […]

Burgers, US Salaries, and Chinese Intellectual Property.

Have you ever spoken with someone who works at a retail chain, or a fast food restaurant, about the state of salary? The conversation generally includes something like “Well I’ve been here for five years, […]

Seth Godin Asked Me For a Progress Report  

A while back, I responded to a post by Seth Godin where he asks some questions.  As several readers of this blog know, Seth is a big influence on my work.  

Smart vs. Effective

The answer to why the less intelligent in an organization so often ascend the ladder.

Bicentennial of the Automation Nation

Robots and Revolution =Automation Nation for the Professional