This will be my last blog post for some time.  You won’t know that because the posts are all scheduled well ahead of time, but it’s the last time I’m actually going to be writing a post for a couple of months.  I authored a bunch of posts, both long form (scheduled to post on Monday’s) and short form posts like this one (scheduled for Thursday’s).  I intend to use the rest of my weekends over the summer to really sink myself into finishing the longer form (book) writing project of which i’m about 40% done.

If the perfect world happens, the heavens shine down, the stars align, and  I actually can finish the first draft, then I really have to start thinking about publishing and marketing while the book is getting edited.  These are some heavy subjects.  I had considered shopping the book around to traditional publishers, but in the end, I think i’m still going to self publish. The article that inspired this particular post is a great summary of the benefits of direct sales.

It’ll be more work for me and definitely less sales than if I went the traditional route, but at least I’ll have the experience of self publishing.   I believe that experience is critical for the continued success for any longer term effort in media creation.

There really are allot of questions.   Is it worth it to have an editor?  Can I edit the book myself?  Should I translate?  How do I sell the audio book?  What about printing?  Should I try and get speaking gigs?  Will youtube help or be a waste of time?

It’s going to be an exhausting, but fun experience.  I can’t wait to get started, but before I do that.. I got to finish the $%@! thing.  🙂

In a blog post for Digital Book World, Emma Barnes explains why publishers must use direct sales to enhance their business.  Source: Why Publishers Must Use Direct Sales | Digital Book World

Posted by Mike Peluso

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  1. My best wishes to you with the up coming completion of your book!!



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