Greetings and a Belated Happy New Years!  We are running a bit late this year because of the special “A Peluso Looks at 50” article but we are here now.  This year our annual ‘Top 5 List’ where we post the top five articles of the year.  As is our tradition, these are articles that really resonated with either me or my audience and I use this annual Top 5 post to put them in the spotlight one more time.   Happy Reading!  

1. I HATE Private Equity, Even Though I Know I Shouldn’t – Posted January 11th.  

I started off the year with an emotionally driven story (rant) about the corporate management philosophy in the image of a lion’s pride.  The problem with private equity is that the lions are the type that moved into a new  prairie where there are countless gazelles, which represent your average employee.  This is good if your a lion. Bad if your a gazelle. I know that Private Equity is technically a good thing for the investors and the economy as a whole, but it’s very bad for the gazelles who can’t get away fast enough.  

2. Decision Makers and Decision Making – Posted April 5th 

Who makes decisions?  How do they make decisions?  Decisions and dealing with decision makers are a huge part of navigating the collision points between work and life.  

3. The Great Reset Switch – Posted August 23rd

In this article we really expand one of the core collision points between work and life.  The Great Reset Switch is simple in concept:  “When forced to leave something you’ve been at for a while, most people have to start over from scratch which has massive repercussions in their life”.  Of course the details are more complex and that’s what this article explores.  

4. Calculating Risk vs. Investment With Your Life Choices – Posted September 6th

A conversation with someone who wanted change but wasn’t willing to invest in that change inspired this article about how there are some near guarantees in life.  To get them you have to put in the investment in time and work to get there.  The question this article ponders is are you willing to choose to invest to get what you want?

5. The Value of the BS Credential – Posted October 4th 

There are diploma mills everywhere.   For anyone who really struggled to obtain a degree, the fee for degree diploma mills are an insult.  Yet these organizations have a tendency to thrive.  Could it be that the sky high price of these watered down degrees is really worth it if the piece of paper, but not the knowledge the paper represents, is the most important thing for you to achieve your goals?  This article looks at BS credentials and explores the true value of these degrees. 

Honorable Mention: 

Is College Experience Worth the Cost JPG

Personality Equilibrium:  Is the College Experience worth the Debt? – Posted May 3rd

It’s become tradition for our Top 5 to have more than it’s namesake five articles.  This bonus article is all about  the cost of college and it’s intangible benefits, i.e. the ‘college experience’ that so many people argue is of as much value as the actual education people are getting.  The big question becomes: Is any experience worth a near lifetime of student debt? 

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