2019 Top Five Post Graphic 1400Greetings and Happy New Years!   This is our third annual ‘Top 5 List’ where we post the top five articles of the year.  These aren’t the articles that got the most reads, clicks, or likes.  They are simply the ones that we think have the most impassioned foundation.  As is the tradition the articles selected cover the many different categories.  Many, if not all of them, offer guidance or solutions to the problems they bring into the light.  It’s always our hope that what we produce in any year helps make the next year better for our readers, and this year is no different.  Read on to find many good bits of information that will help identify challenges and craft solutions to the collision points between work and life.  Happy Reading!  

Need 3 in Modern Families v2 1400

  1. Modern Families: You Need 3! – Posted January 8th

We started the year with a great article that discussed how the nuclear family with one parent being stay at home and one in the workforce doesn’t really exists as a reality of modern society.  Unfortunately with both parents working there is no one to put in the time and effort that is needed to raise children, hence the crazy idea of a third parent in the family.   This article talks at length about the complexity of modern life, the extensive needs of childrearing and how these two form a collision point that can only be fixed by having a third parent in the household.

Hygiene Factors Deoderent 1400

  1. Professional Hygiene – February 25th

Inspired by one of Seth Goden’s short posts, the Professional Hygiene article really does a deep dive on what elements that exists are needs and what are wants when it comes to fulfillment in the workplace.  The discussion centers around Hygiene and Motivation Factors.  A job that has both is extremely difficult to find.  This article is a bit on the academic side, but the information is invaluable if you want to have a critical eye on what you are doing and what you need to be doing in your professional life.

On a side note, this is one of the article images that is one of my favorites, it’s probably the one i’m most proud of so far.  I had to use an old stick of deodorant and a KFC bucket as a white box to pull it off.  What blows me away is how good the finished product was when you consider what I was working with.

six months of savings 1400

  1. Do you really need to keep six months in savings? – Posted July 29th

“Three to Six Months in Savings” is a phrase that we hear over and over by every financial planner who gets in front of a client or audience.  The collision point here is that the world isn’t very stable anymore.  It can be argued that 3-6 months isn’t anywhere near enough to have in the bank, not when the full costs of life transitions are dropped squarely on the individual.   One bad layoff it all it takes to obliterate any progress towards the target quality of life and may even set families back a decade or more financially.   Since unexpected career transitions happen much more frequently and are felt more acutely by your average professional, then maybe the suggested buffer needs to be reexamined. Could it be that six months is far from enough?


  1. How Should you Handle a Disaster at Work? – Posted November 4th

You know it’s going to be a disaster and you can’t stop it!  Most professionals run into this situation many times throughout their careers.  Sometimes they are intimately involved in the disaster, sometimes they are removed from it but it affects them directly.  One thing work disasters have in common is that they can rarely be avoided.  This means learning how to manage the disaster is critical for professional survival.  This article explores the topic of work disasters and has some great information on how to avoid the bunt of the impact of the work disaster.

Low Salary

  1. Transition Cost: When is Getting a Low Salary Beneficial? – Posted November 18th

Turns out that November was a great month for Peluso Presents in 2019 as it has two of our top 5 articles.   This second November article discusses the benefits of getting a lower than average salary for your position.  This may seem counterintuitive at first glance but there are some ways in which being the ‘low man on the income totem pole’ at work helps beyond just being the survivor in a fiscal driven layoff. There are always frustrations when a professional is underpaid but unable to change the situation without significant upheaval in their life.  Reading this article may help ease some of those negative feelings by balancing them off with the positives that are often overlooked in the face of all the negatives associated with receiving lower than average wages.

Just Hired 1400

BONUS ARTICLE: Starting a New Job – Posted January 8th 2019

As is the tradition we can’t keep our Top 5 list to just Five articles.   Their is so much transition in our modern workplace that more often than not reminders for onboarding best practices are needed. This article that helped kick off 2019 shares some of these best practices!

Thanks to those who helped support Peluso Presents in 2019 with sharing, retweeting, commenting, and of course reading and listening.  There aren’t words to describe how much we appreciate it.  There are already a bunch of good articles queued up for 2020, so keep reading and listening.    So again, Happy New Years, and we can’t wait to serve you with great content in 2020!

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