Ok, I get it, Japan isn’t America.  They have different norm, and there is a culture of shame in their corporate and interpersonal behavior patterns. Allow me to be ethnocentric for a moment…


Hey, Konami exec’s.  You are still friggin’ business people and should know that even if a professional contributor didn’t succeed that there are systems in place that may have hampered that.  You should still be aware that the contributors can, nay, most likely will, contribute positively in a different area or on a different project.

Please get your heads out of your rears.. and stop shaming your teams.. I appreciate that you still adhere to the ‘job for life’ element of your culture, but there are several other great options that you can use.  How about letting people decide what they want to work on that they think will bring back face to themselves and the company?

Now there is an idea..

via Report: Konami Is Treating Its Staff Like Prisoners.

Posted by Mike Peluso

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