I recently purchased a big green box trailer.  My wife thinks it’s unnecessary because we never will use it.  It’s going to sit there, taking up space, getting rained on, etc..  Until we need to use it for something like moving furniture, bringing a riding lawnmower to get fixed, or buying a golf cart.  Then it becomes invaluable.

This. is. not. a. political. blog.

Health insurance is generally the same thing, only with regular payments attached.  It’s something you think is completely waste of money until you need it, then it becomes one of the most important issues in your life.

This. is. not. a. political. blog.

It’s well known that there are myriad issues relating to health care, and it’s transportability.  I’ll write more on healthcare in the future.. but today, healthcare, like education, is an area where the PIC get’s zinged.  It’s a golden handcuff, it’s a liability, it’s a cost, it’s a trap.. but most of all it’s entwined deeply with employers, and that is part of the problem.  Healthcare is one of the foundational elements as to why PIC’s (especially those who are are stuck in the cycle of job hopping) are burdened.

This. is. not. a. political. blog.

I don’t know the answer to this.  I don’t know if the employer provided system is better or a single payer system is better.   I don’t know if vouchers or medical savings accounts are the best possible constructs.

I do know healthcare is a problem for PIC’s.   And maybe the right analogy for Heath Insurance and Box trailers is not that it sits around until you need it.  Maybe the analogy for Health Insurance is that it’s a big honkin’ weight you have to drag behind you that sucks up your fuel and slows you down.

Oh, and I forgot, for those of you considering on commenting.. remember:

This. is. not. a. political. blog.  – so comment nice, ok?

Posted by Mike Peluso

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