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Bandwidth and the Business

  I find it interesting how many professional individual contributors have home based business.  They usually say it with pride when they tell you.   “Well I have my OWN business”  – usually there is emphasis […]

Update on Retirement

I’m currently researching retirement, which is one of the big three of employer ‘benefits’.  The other two are paid time off and medical.  Specifically I’m researching and writing about employer funded retirement programs.    I’ve learned […]

A Small Alternative

I live just outside a community that’s a bit artsy, or I guess more formally it’s known as a politically progressive.  Alternative lifestyles, art, all natural living, and a resistance to business and development are all topics that […]

3 Money Hacks Every 40-Year-Old Should Know –

  I recently wrote an Influence U post about Dave Ramsey.  Here is a link to one of the articles.  This post is typical of his blog.  It’s 1/2 good advice and 1/2 advertisement for […]

Survey Analysis 2 – Student Debt Load

Note: This is an analysis to some of the answers I’ve received from interviews and surveys. For privacy sake, I have redacted some details by using […] to signify when something was cut out or replaced to promote […]

Influence U: Dave Ramsey

I haven’t had an Influence U post in a long time.. but here is one.  Dave Ramsey.  I’m sure there are thousands of articles about Dave Ramsey.  He has a massive following.   In short he’s […]

Mission Impossible Statements Part II

This is my personal mission statement, have you put any thought into yours?