Month: May 2023

Plan Your Down Time

What do you do with your down time when you are not on vacation, but you are on a break? If you don’t plan, you lose all the good you can get from it.

Episode 219 – Single Single Syndrome: Single Parents With Only Children

Their are a bunch of issues that only single people have when they are the parent of an only child.  What are these problems and can this Single Single Syndrome be cured?  Listen to find […]

Single / Single Syndrome: Single Parents With Only Children

Single Parents with Only Children have some very unique challenges in life. It’s a growing problem and i’m not sure there is a cure.

Episode 218 – When Quality Die’s A Corporate Death

Often businesses, especially those in the luxury space, thrive on quality.  Then the suits and bean counters get involved, and little by little, slowly but surely, qualiety dies a corporate death! Another new episode of […]

When Quality Dies A Corporate Death

I went out to dinner, and it wasn’t just the food that left a bad taste in my mouth.