Month: April 2023

Episode 217 – Aggressive Ignorance: Is There Really A Solution

There are people in the world who don’t wish to change or understand more than their small world view.  They can’t adapt to a changing world and they make everyone around them suffer for it.   […]

Aggressive Ignorance: Is There Really A Solution?

Aggressively Ignorant people want to stay that way. They are also dangerous. If you can’t change it, how should you handle them?

Episode 216 – The Comfort Zone

We all have our comfort zones in work and life.  Most People have a tendency to want to stay in their comfort zone, yet, there is a real benefit to getting out of our comfort […]

The Comfort Zone

When we are tasked with things we have little or no experience in, it can pull us out of our Comfort Zone. That can be a good thing, even if it feels like a bad thing.